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As you age, you will become aware of the importance of bone density. Why is bone density so important? Bones with low density are more susceptible to fractures and can be a sign of osteoporosis. For an extra boost, reach for our Bone+ supplement!

What Can This Supplement Do For You?

You are here because you are concerned about the health of your bones and the quality of your future. Here at Fusion Naturals, we have developed a supplement specifically formulated to promote the health of your bones through the introduction of vitamins specifically beneficial for your bones and an herbal formula that uses carefully chosen herbs that will also help your bones. Our formulation is 100% vegan, dairy free, gluten free, GMO free, and soy free-- meaning that it is free of any irritating ingredients.

Bone Supplement Benefits

Instructions: Adults take two capsules daily.

Suitable for: Healthy adult aged 21 and above.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Calcium, Magnesium, Dipsacus, Drynaria, Herbal Formula

Vitamin K
It promotes osteoblast function, aids in mineralization. Vitamin K2 is one of a class of fat-soluble vitamins collectively referred to as “Vitamin K”. Vitamin K1 is derived from food sources including green leafy vegetables, Brassica vegetables including cabbage, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower and some fruits such as avocado, kiwi, and grapes. Vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone and MK-4, is synthesized by the gut flora. MK-4 has been safely used for over 6 months in several trials and was shown to be effective in maintaining bone density and reducing the risk of fractures in a number of different populations. MK-4 appears to promote osteoblast function and to aid in mineralization by increasing carboxylated osteocalcin in the extracellular matrix of bone tissue.
Vitamin D
It regulates bone mineral density. Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol has well known functions in reducing the risk of and preventing osteopenia and osteoporosis. Vitamin D regulates bone mineral density, functioning synergistically with calcium. Use of Vitamin D as a supplement along with calcium has been well documented in improving both the quality and quantity of bone, increasing muscle strength and balance and reducing the risk of fracture.
calcium bone
It serves as major building blocks for bone. Calcium is a critical mineral for musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and overall health. Calcium, in the storage form of hydroxyapatite crystals in bone-forming blasts. Calcium deficiency is a major risk factor for osteoporosis. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium via the activation of the transcription of genes for calcium-binding proteins such as osteocalcin.
Herbal Formula
It promotes bone health and strength. The herbs Astragalus, Dipsacus, and Drynaria are all used in traditional western and eastern medicine for bone health.
What Is In The Herbal Formula?

Our herbal formula is comprised of four carefully chosen herbs designed to help your bones retain their strength and protect your bone density. Together, this blend works to aid your body’s absorption of calcium. You’ll be happier knowing that you are doing all you can to protect the bones in your body!

Astragalus is not only known to boost immunity, but has also been shown clinically to help maintain bone mass. It is definitely a tool you want in your health toolbox to help you feel your best! Cuscuta, is a vine that has a high level of flavonoids. This means that it has very good antioxidant properties. This herb will help your body absorb more calcium and produce more collagen. Dipsacus contains phenolic acids (such as caffeic acid, cinnamic acid derivatives, vanillic acid, and caffeoylquinic acid); several iridoid glycosides, including loganin, cantleyoside, triplostoside A, and sweroside derivatives; and triterpenoids, such as oleanic acid, akebia saponin D, and a series of unique aspero saponins. Together, these help your body to maintain a healthy blood flow and aid in repairing your bones. Finally, Drynaria, often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with dipsacus, is a fern known to have properties that repair bones and connective tissue. Not only is it good for your kidneys, but it also helps protect your bone mineral density. All together, these herbs make a remedy that protect and support your bone health!

This supplement will help you regulate your bone density and keep your bones healthy with carefully chosen herbs.

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